Ragdoll cats

Ragdoll catsRagdoll kittenThe Ragdoll is a cat breed which is characterized by blue eyes and a colorpoint coat that is distinct. It is large, muscular and has medium-long hair with a soft and silky coat. It is popular for its docile, placid temperament, and affectionate nature. The cat is good with children and adults. The name ragdoll fits it perfectly. It is derived from its tendency to limp into a person’s arms and relax when picked up.

Identifying a ragdoll cat is not hard. There are multiple features that are common to them. They are large, and muscular. They are very heavy and have wide chests and large hindquarters. The males are generally heavier that their female counterparts. Adult males average a weight of 12 to 20 pounds whereas the female ones weight about 10 to 15 pounds.
When compared to the growth cycle of other cat breeds these particular breed matures much more slowly. They complete the growth cycle when they are about 3 years old. The Ragdoll has medium-length hair and a bushy tail. Its fur is mat resistant hence it does not require frequent grooming. The fur around its neck or the ruff is longer and thicker, just like the one on the rear of the hindquarters, which is also referred to as britches.Ragdoll catsAdult Ragdoll cat

The cats coat is so soft that it is in most cases compared to the fur of a rabbit. The eyes are large, oval-shaped and blue. The breeds facial features that stand out are the uptilted nose, and large rounded ears that are a little forward on the head of the cat.
They love interacting with people. They are friendly to family members and tend to follow people around just like dogs. The cat acts as a household welcoming committee due to their behavior of greeting guests, and making them feel at home by being affectionate and offering to even share toys. They are usually laid back. This breed is not as talkative or vociferous as other cat breeds. They may, however, once in a while quietly voice their opinions.

The cats are popular due to their gentle and relaxed behavior. Despite the fact that their mat resistant fur does not need to be groomed a lot, they relish being groomed. Brushing and combing a ragdoll cat is a good bonding experience between the owner and the pet. They are easy to train using rewards. It is an added advantage that they are eager to please their owners hence they will readily respond to training efforts.